Phantasmagoria; Fairy Dwelling & Project 48

I am finally, officially, and fantastically graduating from VIU. Your girly is officially going to have a Bachelor of Fine Arts (oh and did I mention I am graduating with distinction?) 

The biggest highlight of my final semester is this year’s graduating show, titled “Phantasmagoria.” I absolutely adore all my classmates and friends I have made along the way at VIU, and I could not be more proud over how far we have all come. This show (and I might be a little biased here) is one of the best art shows I have ever seen.

There is so much variety and skill, and I genuinely enjoyed seeing the show multiple times. 

I worked on two main projects for this show. A large-scale watercolour painting titled “Fairy Dwelling” that depicts a tree-dwelling that is home to a variety of fairies. I enjoyed building this little world, telling stories and hiding little nods to fairies in popular culture as well as references to children’s books. 

The second half is my “Project 48,” which consists of 48 small watercolour paintings (5.5″ x 7.5″) studies of things from nature. My focus shifted toward a forest-floor theme, and I ended up dividing the 48 paintings into 3 categories of 16. Mushrooms, Plants, and Critters.

Works are for sale!

If you see a piece(s) that you would like to buy email me at Each painting is $48. 
Click the piece(s) you are interested in first as it will say in the caption if they are sold yet or not. 

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