Happy 2024 everyone!

My New Year has already been quite hectic! But exciting news to launch in 2024 is that I made a 2-page comic for the Ladysmith Arts Council about a new character, Vincent Van Goat. (Yes, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh)

I collaborated with my sister, Brittany, as she helped write the story while I worked on the character design and illustrations. She is an early childhood educator, and we had worked together on a mock-up children’s book about her pet cat in the past (which I should make a separate post about…) Together, we created a fun, witty comic about Vincent and his brother, Theo, exploring staple areas across Vancouver Island.

Check out Ladysmiths Art Magazine’s January Issue to read the comic.

Enjoy some thumbnail sketches while planning out the comic, including initial character design ideas, below:

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