My Grievances is a limited edition of three handmade books exploring the themes of grief and acceptance. I consider myself a painter first and foremost. Recently, I have grown to adore printmaking. From its clean graphic appearance, meditative nature when carving the blocks, and printing them by hand, linoleum printmaking was a love-at-first-sight medium.

I began my process by making pieces of paper using recycled scraps I had collected and included dried flower petals from old bouquets. I love giving a second life to what would otherwise become waste and having my own customized paper made me further invested in the project.

The images of the book, all from hand-carved linoleum blocks, are tied to moments of grief I have been toiling with. Growing apart from an old friend, health crises of family members, the fear of losing out on opportunities as time passes quickly, and preparing oneself for an uncertain future. Unfortunately, moments many can relate to.

The journey of creating this book gave me time to acknowledge, and accept my grievances. This project reminded me that my art practice is just as much about the process as it is about the final product.

The first of this book series sold at the Ladysmith Fine Arts Show 2023.

See more of my work on my social media | @victoriablouinart 

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