From Two to Three – In the Garden Series


In November, my pieces were part of my In the Garden series art project, which debuted at the Cowichan Valley Arts Council Gallery as part of the Teeny Tiny Artworks Show. 

I was invited to join a group of artists to participate in a new aspect of the show called Two Becomes Three.

The goal behind this project was to encourage predominantly 2-dimensional working artists to create something 3 dimensional. To do so we were tasked to use between one and three 6″ x 6″ x 2″ double-sided wooden cradle panels and cover every side to create an interactive piece of art. 

We were then asked to include a large piece of art and match the small works to the same theme or imagery of the large work. I ended up doing it the other way and made a large painting inspired by my little paintings. 

My theme was fairies (shocking!) and childhood wonder. I wanted my little fairies on the blocks to appear hidden in the garden of my larger piece as the child searched for them. 

My main goal with the wooden cradle panels was to add some sort of feature which allowed every single panel to line up together no matter how you placed them. This part ended up being the easiest to figure out, but it took a lot of time and repainting to make sure they stayed lined up.

I loved having the vines be this addition, which allows for so many interesting and unique variations. I love the idea that this art piece can be moved around and changed over time, meaning it’ll take a long time for one to get bored of this artwork!

I made a short recap video, which you can view below, which shows insight into my journey as I created these pieces, as well as a short demonstration of how they can be moved around and displayed differently. 

Thank you for sticking around and checking out my art! Remember to stay funky and stay inspired. 


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