About Victoria Blouin

     My name is Victoria Joan Blouin. My family comes from Montreal, Quebec where I was born in 2001. I was only 3 years old when my family moved out west to Cowichan Valley located on Vancouver Island, where I have lived since. Art has always been an important part of my life, an interest passed down from many generations on my mother's side of the family.

     Both my mother and grandmother have encouraged my interest in art since the moment I could hold a brush in my hand. My mother has confessed that this was the easiest way to keep me quiet and busy as a child; I was quite a handful! Although I don't remember spending time with my great-grandmother, as she passed when I was quite young, she also has a big influence on my life as an artist. I have inherited some of her paintbrushes as well as a collection of her stunning paintings which push me to pursue my love of art.

     I am currently studying art at Vancouver Island University, working up to my Bachelor's Degree. I have been sharing my art on various social media platforms, most notably Instagram as my platform of choice, under the name "Veebeearts."

Besides art, I frequently spend time contributing to my community. I have volunteered for various local organizations including Cowichan Intercultural Society, U-Fix it Bikeworks and Youth Artworks, and Volunteer Cowichan. I am currently a board member of Cowichan Valley Arts Council, where I also work part-time as a Media Manager Assistant. I also contribute to multiple committees for CVAC, focusing on Youth & Family programs in the Cowichan Valley.

My goal is to become an artist full-time. It is hard to say exactly what I plan to do, I have many exciting ideas and opportunities. I would like to be able to do many things as I like to keep busy and have many interests. My focus as of now is to graduate from VIU and earn my Bachelor of Visual Arts.